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SEI: DotCrosse Creative Project is the online portfolio and home of Alex Neri. Here you'll find all works in various fields, ranging from distinctive logo, branding, and identities to random doodles uploaded on the Adobe network, up until technical projects borne from participation in the Information Technology fields.

About DotCrosse
DotCrosse (DC) is the online handle of Alex Neri, who is a technical creative that loves code, design, typography and photography. His interests range from elegant and clean user interfaces to Japanimation. He has worked in the IT Industry for over a decade since his graduation in 2007. He left his last day job as a Software Test Analyst to freelance and to build his own studio last April 2017. Now works at Oracle NetSuite as a Technical Writer since June 2017.
You can see him lurking around Twitter and on his Facebook page.

DOTCROSSE「DC」はアレックスネリのオンライン名です。彼はテクニカルクリエイティブと、コードとデザインとタイポグラフィと写真。彼の趣味は綺麗なUIとかアニメとか。彼はITの仕事が10千ぐらいです。彼は2007千卒業してます。4月2017千ソフトウェアテストアナリストの仕事は辞任した、自分のスタジオが経ちました。2017年からORACLE+NETSUITEの「TECHNICAL WRITER」は新しいの仕事です。

*NOTE:日本語ができるだけど、あまりまだまだですよ。Let me know if there are errors (=゚ω゚)ノ
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