Chitose Shirasawa Google Chrome Theme

Chitose Shirasawa is a new character for Culture Japan ( and a character that will appear in his planned anime. Theme was created with illustrations made by KD, and character design by Pinax and Danny himself. Theme made by Crosse ( This new theme was a beauty to create, with the idea of "Gadgetry, Applications and Scientists" as its central theme. I envisioned Chitose to be a very quirky character, but a very intelligent and very productive person. Most of the theme elements are inspired by mobile applications UI and HTML5/CSS3/Web2.0 icons. +Soft and Metallic Logo/Icon +Mobile-OS inspired elements +Flexible BG that fits on any screen (starting from 1366x768) +App Icon for easy recognition More info & Download / Install here:

Screenshot of the actual theme.
Background file. Was a huge transparent PNG, so the theme adjusts according to your screen width.
What I used for the NTP_Attribution slice. Added some random character info.
Application icon. Embedded the character's patch or the series' logo on the badge.
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